Tuesday, February 16, 2010


So I went to Chicago for lovers day to see one of my best friends. Its crazy that it is not as cold there when it is 20 degrees compared to the 40 degrees here. It is so dry there and less humid. I could totally move there in a heart beat. There you can't have a fence unless you have a pool and get it approved by a Home Owners Association. They have deer and coyotes just wondering around as if they are someones pets. I got to meet Sandy's hubby and son, along with his girlfriend. I just absolutely love them. Sometimes you just need to get away. I blame Wesley for this, I never would've taken this trip if he didn't introduce me to a vacation as such. He took me there for my birthday almost 2 years ago to see Dirty Dancing the play. I will put up more pictures when I can. Needless to say with work, stress, and never-ending home duties this vacation was so needed. ENJOY :) Sometimes you just need a get-a-way, not only that but you need to be able to get away to spend the time with good friends. I love Sandy and her family, not to mention she has a bathtub to freaking die for. I sat in there for an hour-she has a TV in her bathroom along with every bath salt, bubble bath, jets, and it is heated so your water never gets cold!
On a different note: Before I left I read something very disturbing, my mom is one of my biggest fans, and I am very defensive when it comes to her. She is my rock when I am a puddle. My step-dad is truly one of the strongest people i know and he has introduced me to some of the greatest people. My mom has one of the biggest hearts I know and for anyone to talk to her as if she is lesser makes me sick. I felt as if I was going through the situation I was in around a year ago when people started talking shit about my step-dad over something that was portrayed over the news. . .only those people didn't know him, it was just word of mouth of someone your suppose to trust. . . THE NEWS. I am disgusted with these people who spread stuff. Why can't people be mature about things?! I am young enough to be just as immature as the others, but old enough to know better. My mom always raised me to think: "if people have nothing better to do than to think of you (negative or positive) or to talk about you (negative or positive) then let them talk/think/assume what they want; because your better than that. Pray for them". I am praying for all the people who have had a negative thought about me, my sister(s), mom, dad, stepdad, stepmom, grandparents, and family/friends in hope to find a better way to look at life. While the mean time I will be praying harder for the ones who have positive thoughts about me, my sister(s), mom, dad, stepdad, stepmom, grandparents, and family/friends that they will maintain the mentality that the great lord has blessed them with.
I live with my boyfriend and we are not married. SO WHAT!
I have a sister who has a kid out of wedlock. SO WHAT!
I have a sister who has been through a divorce that made her stronger. SO WHAT!
I have a mother that has taught me that YOU need to be happy regardless of the situation. SO WHAT!
I have a dad that is in the public eye by choice and tries his best to please. SO WHAT!
I have a stepdad that showed me what faith is because of his strength. SO WHAT!
I have a stepmom who is powerful who will use it to her advantage to better her situation. SO WHAT!
I have grandparents who I text and say lets go to Vegas and their the first ones on board, booking flights and hotels. SO WHAT!
I have family and friends that love me for my mouth, being fearless about words, and faithful. SO WHAT!
I don't give a damn who you are, who you praise, what you do but as long as you have the team that I have; you will be able to move mountains.
When people disapprove-SO WHAT, when people spread rumors-SO WHAT, when people throw rocks while living in a glass house-SO WHAT....Pray harder for those people because those are the people who need it most.
As for now I am off to bed.

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  1. You are my little rock...I guess that makes you a pebble...HA HA get it? You were Pebbles on Halloween a couple years ago. I love you so much. I am so luck to have such wonderful children. You guys are loved more than you will ever know.